Weaknesses before they affect your business.

Through Chaos Engineering, ChaosIQ surfaces evidence of system weaknesses before your users experience them. ChaosIQ provides the best tooling for any size of organisation to successfully build trust and confidence in the reliability, security and resiliency of their systems.

ChaosIQ: Chaos Toolkit++

Helps you scale your Chaos Toolkit Chaos Engineering practice and run experiments as safely as possible.

  • Safeguards

    Take control of when and where your chaos experiments can run, and what they can impact.

  • Collaboration

    Create and manage organizations so you can collaborate in teams through a shared workspace.

  • Observability

    Surface when and where chaos experiments are being run, and what they are impacting.

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ChaosIQ safely integrates with your world

ChaosIQ integrates gracefully with your current development flow to allow you to discover and overcome otherwise hard-to-spot weaknesses. Add experiments to your CI/CD for automated Chaos Engineering. Or run it on demand from the CLI to explore specific parts of your infrastructure or during GameDays.

Safety first. ChaosIQ never asks for access to your system. Your experiments run where you want them to and can only be controlled from your own set of current tools. Because ChaosIQ only receives incoming data and information, your system is always safe and secure and is never exposed to outside attacks or exploits.

Run as part of CI/CD
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Chaos Toolkit
AWSGoogle CloudAzureKubernetes
Run On Demand
Google FunctionsAWS Lambda FunctionsKubernetes JobsCommand Line
Chaos Toolkit
ChaosIQ Console

Deploy it your way

Cloud: the easy way

Create your account and start running experiments. Execution data is pushed to ChaosIQ and instantly available.

Cloud-based ChaosIQ is available with all plans.

On Premise: own everything

Get ChaosIQ installed in your system, or on your private cloud instance, so no data ever gets out of your ecosystem.

On-Premise ChaosIQ is available in the Enterprise plan.

Powerful integrations

Allowing you to interact with a vast number of systems and tools to inject Chaos, monitor activities or run experiments.

  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Humio
  • Slack
  • PagerDuty
  • DataDog

Experiments Catalog

Working closely with the Chaos Toolkit community, and through the Open Chaos Initiative, we are curating a collection of ready-to-use and customizable experiments so you can get up and running quickly with ChaosIQ.

Follow ChaosIQ on Twitter to be one of the firsts to know when the Catalog is available.

Learn Chaos Engineering

  • Organizations

    Share and Collaborate

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  • Safeguards

    Safely run Experiments in a controlled environment.

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  • Chaos Engineering at HomeAway

    How HomeAway used the Chaos Toolkit and Toxiproxy to explore and surface system weaknesses.

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Let's meet!

  • Chaos Community Day London

    September 13, 2019

    Chaos Community Day London is an invite-only Chaos Engineering event taking place in Europe for the first time in 2019.

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  • Velocity Conference Berlin

    November 4-7, 2019

    Discover what's ahead for cloud native systems at the O'Reilly Velocity Conference this November in Berlin, DE. Get the knowledge you need to build and manage large-scale, cloud-native systems—while networking with a group of whip-smart and like-minded peers—to help drive your business beyond tomorrow.

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