Weaknesses before they affect your business.

Chaos Engineering surfaces evidence of system weaknesses before your users experience them. ChaosIQ created and supports the Chaos Toolkit free and commercial products that provide first-class chaos engineering tooling for any size of organisation to successfully build trust and confidence in their systems.

Chaos Toolkit

The Chaos Toolkit is your tool for creating, running and sharing Chaos Engineering experiments with the powerful and extendable the "chaos CLI".

The Chaos Toolkit CLI is free and Open Source and is the augmented by the Chaos Toolkit Cloud SaaS and Chaos Toolkit Enterprise On-Premise products.

[I]t’s great to see an open-source project dedicated to [Chaos Engineering]. The toolkit already has drivers for AWS, Azure Service Fabric and GCE (among others) and plays nicely with build tools which lets you experiment with automation.

ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar, April 2019

Chaos Toolkit

The Chaos Toolkit provides a simple command line-based experience that enables you to adopt, learn, explore and apply chaos engineering experiments with minimal fuss and baggage. The core of the toolkit is open source and extendable with a growing ecosystem of extensions to integrate with your own systems.

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Chaos Toolkit Cloud

Visualise and control your Chaos Toolkit experiments in real-time using the Chaos Toolkit Cloud hosted console. Establish policies that help everyone using the Chaos Toolkit to ensure they are running their experiments in as safer a manner as possible.


Chaos Toolkit Enterprise

The core philosophy of the Chaos Toolkit has always been Chaos Engineering Your Way and the Chaos Toolkit Enterprise product packages the entire Chaos Toolkit and Chaos Toolkit Cloud ecosystem of products to bring this promise entirely into your world as a fully supported On Premise and highly integrated solution.


Let's meet!

  • Meet the Experts on Tour: Chaos Engineering

    June 24-28, 2019, Germany and the Netherlands

    Production hates you. The machines, the networks, the very users you hope to provide a service hate you. This is reality, and it makes software production a hostile battle ground. At our roadshow Meet the Experts on Tour: Chaos Engineering, Russ Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ, and Benjamin Wilms, Senior Engineer at codecentric, will show how to manage and master the chaos in production using Chaos Engineering.

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  • Fast Track to Chaos Engineering

    July 1st - 3rd, 2019, London

    This in-depth Chaos Engineering course is an invaluable resource for those looking to improve the resilience of their Cloud systems and to develop their understanding of how Chaos Engineering can play a role in keeping their systems healthy, efficient and up-to-date.

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