ChaosIQ is now Reliably

We're proud to announce the launch of Reliably, the new reliability and resilience platform by the ChaosIQ team. Reliably is still based on the open source Chaos Toolkit, and makes it easier than ever to grow your team's confidence in their operational success. Join us on this new exciting adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will ChaosIQ be closing?

Access to the ChaosIQ Console will be closed for all accounts on May 31st, 2023?

Will my experiments still work on Reliably?

Yes. As Reliably uses Chaos Toolkit to run experiments, all your chaos engineering experiments can run in Reliably. With extra benefits, such as running in the cloud.

Are there free Reliably plans?

While we were working on Reliably, we decided to extend the free trial period of all ChaosIQ accounts indefinitely. You can switch to a free Reliably plan, or check the paid plans for more options.

Will my existing account work on Reliably?

No, you will need to create a new Reliably account. While your experiments will still work, the way we handle data, as well as the general features, are so different that porting your ChaosIQ data is no feasable. But don't worry, importing experiments is easier than ever.