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Use the Chaos Toolkit API, CLI and Console to run automated Chaos Engineering Experiments to surface evidence of weaknesses in your systems.

CLI, Cloud & Enterprise On Premise

Chaos Toolkit Cloud & Enterprise brings centralised visibility and control to your Chaos Toolkit.


Harnessing the Chaos Toolkit's Chaos Observability features and integrations, the Chaos Toolkit Cloud provides a single place to ask the question What chaos is running where, and against what systems?


Set up custom policies to ensure chaos experiments can be enabled or blocked from running according to system conditions.


Select and enable from a collection of supported extensions to customise your Chaos Toolkit and Chaos Toolkit Cloud system.


A powerful, single source for observing and controlling how the Chaos Toolkit is used across your organisation and systems.

A screenshot of the Chaos Toolkit Console

Open Source DNA

A Powerful API and CLI

At the heart of the Chaos Toolkit product ecosystem is the free and open source Chaos Toolkit CLI. Powerful, simple and extendable, the CLI provides everything you need to start writing your first chaos engineering experiments today.

Fully Extendable

The Chaos Toolkit is extendable at the CLI level (Plugins), at the chaos inducing and system probing level (Drivers), and even at the experiment control flow level (Controls).

Write and Share your Chaos Engineering Experiments and Findings

The Chaos Toolkit CLI provides everything you need to write and share your own chaos engineering experiments.