Meet the Experts on Tour: Chaos Engineering

June 24-28, 2019, Germany and the Netherlands

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Meet the Experts on Tour: Chaos Engineering

Production hates you. The machines, the networks, the very users you hope to provide a service hate you. This is reality, and it makes software production a hostile battle ground. At our roadshow Meet the Experts on Tour: Chaos Engineering, Russ Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ, and Benjamin Wilms, Senior Engineer at codecentric, will show how to manage and master the chaos in production using Chaos Engineering.

Drawing on case studies, personal stories, and code examples, Russ and Benjamin will demonstrate how socio-technical systems such as your DevOps teams can improve through stress, turning the pain of production to their advantage through learning loops, so that it is no longer about avoiding chaos in production, but rather about embracing it and thriving on it. 5 cities, 5 days

The Chaos Engineering roadshow will tour several cities and close with a ‘grand finale’, i.e. an all-day event in Solingen on June 28th, where, next to Russ and Benjamin, software engineering experts from different fields will share their insights on Chaos Engineering and distributed systems. At all events, participants will experience first-hand what aspects to pay attention to in distributed systems. They will also take a closer look at the components that often turn out to be the biggest pain points for developers, and learn about the best strategies to stay on top of things. You can expect numerous demos and first chaos experiments showing you the many advantages and possibilities of Chaos Engineering.

All talks will be given in English. Participation is free, prior registration is required. Food and drinks will be provided. Agendas will be published on the respective event pages shortly.

UPDATE June 18th: Because of the great interest in the roadshow, a third speaker will join the tour: Dennis Schulte will give a lightning talk on Chaos tools. Dates:

Berlin – June 24 – registration

Amsterdam – June 25 – registration

Munich – June 26 – registration

Frankfurt/M. – June 27 – registration

Solingen – June 28 – registration

If you want to meet us there, contact us by email or use the contact form.