ChaosIQ named Cool Vendor in 2019 by Gartner

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ChaosIQ named Cool Vendor in 2019 by Gartner

Having already featured in a record 8 Gartner Research papers in the past, we are excited to announce that ChaosIQ has recently featured in their Cool Vendor 2019 report.

In some respects this isn’t as surprising as it first sounds. Even as a startup, many of our design partners and users are what you’d typically call “large enterprises”. Even so it is validating to us that our approach to chaos engineering, enabled through our utter commitment to our free and open source Chaos Toolkit tools and community of contributors, makes us an ideal place for individuals and companies, to embrace this important new discipline.

What does this mean? For us it simply means “Full steam Ahead!”. We have an exciting roadmap of open source and commercial tools built on the successful Chaos Toolkit that we can’t wait to get into people’s hands.

It’s also validating to see an open source chaos engineering company being picked up on and embraced by the mainstream. This is the second time recently that ChaosIQ and the Chaos Toolkit have been featured, the first being in the Technology Radar from Thoughtworks.

It’s an exciting time to be working with people as they see the benefits of chaos engineering for their systems. After founding Chaos Toolkit almost 2 years ago now, the community we have and the tooling it cares for is going from strength to strength and we can’t wait to share the new tools that are coming with our community and new users throughout 2019 and beyond.

From everyone at ChaosIQ, and on behalf of all the lovely, friendly people in the Chaos Toolkit community, “Happy and Safe Chaos Engineering!”