Chaos Toolkit in the Technology Radar

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Chaos Toolkit in the Technology Radar

Open Source Chaos Toolkit is featured in April 2019 edition of ThoughtWorks Technology Radar.

In ThoughtWorks words, "The Radar is a document that sets out the changes that we think are currently interesting in software development - things in motion that we think you should pay attention to and consider using in your projects. It reflects the idiosyncratic opinion of a bunch of senior technologists and is based on our day-to-day work and experiences. While we think this is interesting, it shouldn’t be taken as a deep market analysis."

We are pleased to announce that Chaos Toolkit, the Open Source project ChaosIQ started and that is at the core of our commercial offering, is featured the latest Technology Radar.

Here is what ThoughtWorks had to say about Chaos Toolkit:

The Chaos Toolkit is one of a number of Chaos Engineering tools that made this edition of the Radar. You use the toolkit to describe and then run repeatable experiments on your infrastructure to understand its resilience in the event of failure. Many of our teams have been using homegrown tools to do this, so it's great to see an open-source project dedicated to the practice. The toolkit already has drivers for AWS, Azure Service Fabric and GCE (among others) and plays nicely with build tools which lets you experiment with automation. The usual caveats apply though, Chaos Engineering is a very powerful technique that is best used on resilience-aware systems, that is, systems that have been built to cope with failure. For that reason, we recommend starting using Chaos Toolkit in your nonproduction environments first.

Once again, it is an opportunity to thank our wonderful community of contributors and users.