Open Core Chaos Engineering

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Open Core Chaos Engineering

ChaosIQ is simplifying its technology strategy around a simple open core model. At the heart is the free and open source Chaos Toolkit:

We realised that Chaos Toolkit had grown-up into being the platform for free and open source chaos engineering. It has the perfect set of functionality to deliver on its mission of providing a simple and easy experience to learn and apply real-world chaos engineering through experiments. Coupled with a vibrant community of open source contributors we are continually amazed and proud of how many varied and exciting domains the toolkit is being applied to. ChaosIQ's commitment as founders and custodians remains as strong as ever; completely dedicated to enabling the Chaos Toolkit project community to evolve and provide future features as well.

While respecting the roadmap for the community's open source projects, as an 'open core' company we are also very excited to get our commercial tools in our users hands as well. These tools will augment the free and open source projects, bringing ever more features to everyone who wants to succeed with chaos engineering to surface evidence of system weaknesses and use that knowledge to improve their system's resiliency and reliability.

In accordance with this strategy, the current collection of URLs and projects have been simplified. As the Chaos Toolkit is the platform then the existing Chaos Platform URLs now refer to the Chaos Toolkit. We have a brand new ChaosIQ web site that clarifies our key message, and will form the heart of our commercial tooling that emerges around the free and open source Chaos Toolkit.

It's an exciting time for us and our company. We love our community, and the chaos engineering community at large, and together we're excited to see how our open source and commercial tools enable people to make the most of chaos engineering now and in the future.