Injecting Chaos in AWS elbv2

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Injecting Chaos in AWS elbv2

ChaosIQ experiments are run through Chaos Toolkit. When targeting AWS systems for your experiments, the Chaos Toolkit AWS extension offers a large set of activities for AWS services. This page lists all activities specific to Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (elbv2).

Amazon elbv2 distributes traffic across targets, such as EC2 instances.


  • Delete one or multiple load balancers,
  • Deregister a random target,
  • Change security groups,
  • Change the subnets for specified load balancers.


  • Check if selected targets are healthy,
  • Count the number of healthy and unhealthy targets.

More information and examples

Read the extension's documentation for complete usage and syntax examples.

Other AWS Services

The AWS extension currently offers actions and probes to target EC2, ECS, IAM, AWS Lambda, CloudWatch, EKS, RDS, and elbv2.