Injecting Chaos in Google Cloud Platform

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Injecting Chaos in Google Cloud Platform

ChaosIQ experiments are run through Chaos Toolkit. The Chaos Toolkit Google Cloud Platform extension offers a set of activities when targeting Google Cloud Platform for your experiments.

Google Cloud Platform is Google's suite of cloud computing services. It provides infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and serverless computing environments.


  • [GKE] Create a new node pool in a given cluster or zone
  • [GKE] Delete a node pool
  • [GKE] Swatch a nodepool, by creating a new one and draining the old one so pods are rescheduled to the newly created pool
  • [SQL] list Cloud SQL instances
  • [SQL] Describe a Cloud SQL instance
  • [SQL] Causes a high-availability Cloud SQL instance to failover
  • [SQL] Export data from a Cloud SQL instance
  • [SQL] Import data into a Cloud SQL instance


  • [storage] Check an object exists in a Cloud Storage bucket

More information and examples

Read the extension's documentation for complete usage and syntax examples.