Injecting Chaos in Kubernetes

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Injecting Chaos in Kubernetes

ChaosIQ experiments are run through Chaos Toolkit. When targeting Kubernetes systems for your experiments, the Chaos Toolkit Kubernetes extension allows you to build experiments with specific activities.

The Kubernetes extension allows you to run various action on your nodes and pods, as well as collect informations from the system during the experiment through probes.

Node Activities


  • Create or delete nodes,
  • Drain nodes,
  • Cordon or un-cordon nodes.


  • List existing nodes in your cluster.

Pod Activities


  • Terminate pods.


  • Count pods,
  • Lookup for pods matching different conditions or phases,
  • Read logs for selected pods.

More information and examples

The Open Chaos Experiment Catalog offers examples of experiments using the Kubernetes extension:

Read the extension's documentation for complete usage and syntax examples.