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Invite team members and start collaborating on experiments and findings.

Why organizations?

The system's resilience should never be the role of a single person. Even if you are the only one whose job title explicitly mentions Resilience or Chaos Engineering, it is always a team effort, and should even be a company-wide goal. When several people are running chaos engineering experiments, they might want to see what the others are up to. A manager, even if not running experiments themselves, might want to have a global view of the team's achievements.

Organizations allow you to collaborate on experiments and findings with your team, in a shared workspace. Create an Organization, invite people and unleash the Chaos on your system. With caution.

Your personal organization

When signing up for ChaosIQ, a personal organization will be created. You are the sole member of this organization and cannot invite others to join. Use it to try things, run experiments-in-progress before you switch them to your team organization.

Creating a new organization

Opening the Organizations dropdown in the top-left corner of the window will list your available organizations as well as allow you to create a new one.

Click on the « Add Organization » button to create a new organization.

On the Create a new Organization page, you are asked to choose a name for your organization. You can also invite teammates.

When you are happy with your organization name, click the « Create Organization » button.

A message will appear, telling you your organization was successfully created.

This new organization is now listed in the top-left Organizations menu.

Clicking on its name will take you to the new organization's Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can use the « Organizations » link in the top menu to view a list of the organizations you belong too and create new ones.

Managing people in your Organization

When creating a new organization, you have the opportunity to invite team members. After the organization has been created, you can invite more people by using the « People » link in the sidebar menu.

From this page, you can see a list of all people in the current organization, a list of invitations that have been issued, and a button to invite more people.

To remove someone (including you) from an organization, click the « Remove » button next to their name in the list of members. Remember that an organization cannot have less than one member at any giving time.

Running experiments in an Organization

For Chaos Toolkit to send Experiments and Executions data to an organization, you must sign in to this organization from the Chaos Toolkit CLI.

$ chaos signin

You will then be asked the URL of ChaosIQ. It defaults to, for SaaS users. If you use an on-premise ChaosIQ, change it to your URL and your choice will be remembered next time you sign in.

ChaosIQ then asks for a token to identify you. To generate a new token, click on the « Tokens » link from the top menu.

Click on « Generate a Token » to create a new token.

Once you have chosen a name for your token, click on the « Generate Token » button. A message is displayed with your token. Copy it, then switch back to your terminal and paste it.

Chaos Toolkit will then retrieve the list of organizations you belong to and asks you to choose which one you will publish to.

You are now ready to run experiments.

If you run an experiment with the chaos run command, it will now be published to ChaosIQ and available on the Executions page.

Switching Organizations

If you want to change the default Organizations your executions are published to, use the chaos org command.