We help you do Chaos Engineering the right way, Your way.

Starting with Chaos Engineering can sometimes be intimidating. ChaosIQ offer the tools, education and support that will help you and your team kickstart your journey to resilience.

Run automated Chaos Engineering Experiments, add security and observability

Open Source and Commercial Chaos Engineering Tools

Your challenges

  • I need an Open Source tool to stay in control
  • I need safeguards for my team to work securely
  • I want to keep track of my experiments
  • How do I enable collaboration within my team?

Chaos Toolkit is one of the most used Chaos Engineering tools. It is relied on by teams in companies big and small, who love its ease of use and extendability. And being Open Source, you know you will always be in control of what it does.

We created the ChaosIQ Console to add security, observability and collaboration to Chaos Toolkit.

Get help to make the next step


Your challenges

  • Is Chaos Engineering right for me?
  • I want to integrate Chaos Toolkit with my CI/CD
  • Which experiments should I run?
  • How do I get Chaos Toolkit support?

Learn from the makers.
We have a comprehensive portfolio of trainings, both online and on-site.

We also provide enterprise support for all your daily needs and requests regarding our products, as Chaos Toolkit or the ChaosIQ Console.

Integrate with a specific tool or provider, or get help to write experiments

Custom Development and Integration

Your challenges

  • I want a Chaos Toolkit extension customized to my needs
  • I need leadership to get my team on the right tracks
  • I need On Premise tools
  • I need help writing complex experiments

We started Chaos Toolkit, we can help you use it better. Our vast experience with Chaos Toolkit and its extensions make us the obvious choice if you need to extend the toolkit beyond its current capacities.

We can also help you with experiments or deploy a complete on-premise Chaos Engineering platform.

“ChaosIQ makes the concept of chaos engineering much more consumable.
It improves communication, collaboration, management,
automation, and more.”

GartnerCool Vendors in Application Development and Platforms, May 2019