Scale your chaos engineering practice with custom solutions

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When you need help reaching the next level, we can work together with your team to make sure you reach your goals. Wether you need assistance to build a custom extension, want to integrate with a specific tool from you chain, or request on-premise deployment, we are the right people to talk to.

On-premise deployment

Chaos Toolkit always runs however you want it too, from wherever you want. You can also host ChaosIQ on your own system, be it private cloud or fully-owned infrastructure. You get full control and keep the flexibility.

  • Deploy on your own cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, you name it)
  • Run it from your hosted system (virtually anything)
  • Let us run it on a managed private cloud instance, isolated from the standard SaaS

Custom integrations

Do you need to get ChaosIQ to interact with a specific product from your tool chain? We will help you integrate with the tools you need, the way you need.

  • Custom authentication (LDAP, SSO...)
  • Custom CI/CD integration
  • Third-pary integration (alterting, logging...)

Extensions development and customization

We can work with you to create new Open Source Chaos Toolit extensions, or add new features to existing one.

As the custodians of the Chaos Toolkit open source project, with have work on a number of extensions, both a main developers and with community members from companies big and small. If you need a new extensions and don't know where to start, we will accompany you to create an extension that follows all best practices and that can be open-sourced to the community.

Chaos Engineering leadership

Get started with best practices and grow faster.

Do you know where you want to go, but need help to make the road safer? We can partner with you and lead your chaos engineering and resilience efforts to make your teams confidently reach their goals.