Defining and writing meaningful chaos engineering experiments

Defining what experiment to run next is one of the first challenges chaos engineering practitioners encouter.

Course details
  • Instructor-led
  • Online only
Duration 3 hours
Private sessions
  • Online only
Duration 3 hours


As your chaos engineering practice evolves, you will want to write and run more advanced chaos engineering experiments, that are less generic and closer to the particular needs of your organization.

Using practical examples, we will show you how to define and write the experiments you really need, and stop using only predefined generic ones.

What you will learn

  • Set up a method to capture experiments ideas
  • Define experiments specific to your infrastructure
  • Write experiments that simulate real-life incidents
  • Write complex experiments with Chaos Toolkit's Open API


  • You're a software developer who needs to start taking responsibility for your code in production.
  • You're a site reliability engineer (SRE) with a little experience managing production, and you want to be proactive about finding system weaknesses before your customers do.
  • You're a system administrator who is responsible for the availability of production, and you need a proactive technique for surfacing system weaknesses before your customers experience them.
  • You're a product owner who is responsible for delivering a business-critical product or service, and you want to learn how to gain trust and confidence in your system’s reliability.
  • You're a DevSecOps engineer who needs a technique and tools to support discovering, capturing, sharing, and collaborating on security weaknesses.


Upcoming sessions

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