From Open Source to On‑Premise EnterpriseChaos Engineering Tools

Starting with Chaos Engineering can sometimes be intimidating. ChaosIQ offers the tools, education and support that will help you and your team kickstart your journey to resilience.


Enterprise-grade Chaos Engineering Platform

ChaosIQ adds security, controls, observability and collaboration to Chaos Toolkit. It acts as a control plane and allows you to orchestrate an organization-wide fleet of Chaos Toolkit experiments and share findings within your team.

ChaosIQ is available as a cloud-hosted SaaS or as an enterprise on-premise solution.

Chaos Toolkit

Open Source Chaos Engineering Experiments

Chaos Toolkit is a project started in 2017 by Russ Miles and Sylvain Hellegouarch, co-founders of ChaosIQ.

Since then, it has been downloaded tens of thousands of times, has developed an active community of users and contributors, and has spanned over 20 extensions to interact the major cloud solutions providers and monitoring and observation tooling.

Experiments Catalog

ChaosIQ’s Experiments Catalog helps you answer one of the most frequent questions of Chaos Engineering: « What should I do next? »

It is a set of free ready-to-use experiments, built by ChaosIQ and the Chaos Toolkit community, that will help you kickstart your Chaos Engineering practice.


When subscribing to ChaosIQ, we will discuss with you what support options is the most suitable for your particular needs.

Support options can include:

  • Slack, email or phone support
  • From 9 to 5 working days to 24/7 support
  • Dedicated point of contact

We can help you choose the tools you and your team really need to build the perfect custom Chaos Engineering Platform.

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