Velocity Conference Berlin

November 4-7, 2019

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Velocity Conference Berlin

Discover what's ahead for cloud native systems

For your organization to get ahead of the competition, it's critical to have a firm grasp on today's key concepts like Kubernetes, site reliability engineering, observability, and performance. And it's also essential to keep your eye on the horizon, so you're prepared for what's coming next. That's where the O'Reilly Velocity Conference gives you an advantage. You get the knowledge you need to build and manage large-scale, cloud native systems—while networking with a group of whip-smart and like-minded peers—to help drive your business beyond tomorrow.

Our CEO Russ Miles will be there, along with great speakers from companies like Slack, Hashicorp, Google, Honeycomb... Russ will be giving a 2-day Fast track to chaos engineering training course. (To attend training courses, you must be registered for a Platinum or Training pass.)

If you haven't registered yet, O'Reilly and ChaosIQ are happy to offer you a 20% discount when you use the code FRIEND.