Injecting Chaos in Cloud Foundry

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Injecting Chaos in Cloud Foundry

ChaosIQ experiments are run through Chaos Toolkit. The Chaos Toolkit Azure extension offers a set of activities when running experiments on the Cloud Foundry platform.

Cloud Foundry is an open source, multi-cloud platform as a service.


  • List all applications available to a given user,
  • Fetch the metrics of an application.


  • Start or stop an application,
  • Start or stop all applications of an organization,
  • Terminate a given application's instance,
  • Terminate a random application's instance,
  • Map or unmap a route to an application,
  • Remove all route from an application,
  • Unbind the service from a given application.

API Calls

Cloud Foundry API calls are mostly used to get mapping information, but one can also make any Cloud Foundry API call and get the full response.

  • Perform a Cloud Foundry API call,
  • Get an application by name,
  • List all the applications in a specified organization,
  • Get all the instances of an application,
  • Get all routes associated with an application and host,
  • Get all routes with a given host,
  • Get a service bind,
  • Get an organization,
  • Get a space.

More information and examples

Read the extension's documentation for complete usage and syntax examples.