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We offer a comprehensive range of online and on-site trainings and workshops for engineers of all levels willing to start chaos engineering with solid knowledge or to take their skills to a further level.

Fast track to chaos engineering

Build confidence in your systems' behavior and identify weaknesses before they happen. Join us on a deep dive into chaos engineering and learn how to apply it in your organization.

  • Learn to establish a culture, practice, architecture, and design that's ready for chaos engineering
  • Be able to design, build, and execute careful and controlled chaos engineering experiments to learn about weaknesses in your complex production systems
  • Discover different levels of experiments to learn about different weaknesses
  • Explore real-world examples and samples to see the concepts of chaos engineering in action

This training can be presented as a 2-day or 3-day session and can be given as a private session at your companies offices, or taken at a ChaosIQ facility.

Planning, designing and running chaos experiments

Chaos engineering is all about exploring and overcoming weaknesses in your system. Although many think that chaos engineering must be applied to production, you can use chaos engineer methods to find weaknesses in the entire sociotechnical system of development and delivery.

Using practical examples and hands-on exercises, we will take you beyond manual game days to demonstrate how to construct automated chaos experiments to continuously and collaboratively explore, surface, and overcome weaknesses in your infrastructure, platforms, and applications. By the time you're through, you'll be able to explain the value of chaos engineering to your company and get started with continuous, automated chaos tests to key an eye on current weaknesses in your system and potentially surface new weaknesses in the future.

This 3-hour session is only given as a live online training.

Defining and writing meaningful chaos engineering experiments

Defining what experiment to run next is one of the first challenges chaos engineering practitioners encouter.

Learn methods and technics you can apply in your everyday work in this no-nonsense workshop.

This 3-hour session is only given as a live online training. It can also be combined with the « Mastering the Chaos Toolkit Open API » workshop as a one-day on-site training session.

Mastering the Chaos Toolkit Open API and writing custom extensions

Maybe you are using custom internal tools that you would like to inject turbulence to. Or you want to add new probes and actions to an existing open-source extension. This workshop will walk you through the internal mechanics of Chaos Toolkit's Open API.

This 3-hour session is only given as a live online training. It can also be combined with the « Defining and writing meaningful chaos engineering experiments » workshop as a one-day on-site training session.

We can also build custom trainings tailored to your team's needs and aspirations.

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