Chaos Engineering Platform Collaboration, Controls and Observability

ChaosIQ helps you observe, collaborate and control your chaos engineering experiments within your team and across your enterprise. Take and customize new experiments from the Chaos Catalog, run them with Chaos Toolkit, and use ChaosIQ’s powerful Control Plane to ensure that everyone is applying chaos engineering visibly, carefully and safely. The Control Plane is available as a cloud-hosted SaaS or as an On-Premise custom deployment.


Write experiment scenarios as code, and run them from the CLI or automate them within your CI/CD toolchain.

ChaosIQ uses the powerful Chaos Toolkit Open API which allows you to define experiments for any systems. Its extensions systems seamlessly integrates with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes and many more.
Moreover, it can communicate with your monitoring , tracing and messaging tools like Humio, Prometheus, Instana, Datadog or PagerDuty to help you understand your full response process to incidents and weaknesses.

  "type": "probe",
  "name": "the-astre-service-must-be-running",
  "tolerance": true,
  "provider": {
    "type": "python",
    "module": "os.path",
    "func": "exists",
    "arguments": {
      "path": "astre.pid"


Discover weaknesses before they happen.

Dark debt arises from unforessen interdependencies in complex systems. It is hard, if not impossible to observe or detect before an anomaly takes place. Running chaos experiments against your systems surfaces those weaknesses and take measures before they impact you or your users.

  • StatusPassed
    Experiment titleOrder service failure should not cause any reduction in service levels from the Menu service.
    Finished8 hours ago
  • StatusDeviated
    Experiment titleKubernetes node failure should not affect overall system SLOs.


Your teams gain trust in your system and their ability to run it.

Whether you are a financial institution moving millions of dollars, an entertainment service streaming gigabytes of video or a startup onboarding your first users, chaos engineering provides insights into where your system may fail. ChaosIQ supports the development of your own resilience engineering capabilities so that you provide systems that your users will trust.


Keep track of your experiment results and findings to keep improving your system.

Chaos engineering is a continuous process of verifying your mission-critical systems. ChaosIQ captures and displays your organization’s complete chaos experiment history so that you never lose the opportunity to see, share and learn from your chaos experiments.

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  • Observability

    ChaosIQ's Dashboard provides, at a glance, the current status of your chaos engineering work across your organization, while Executions History makes sure you never lose track of your experiments and findings.

  • Control

    ChaosIQ allows everyone to use the Chaos Toolkit to explore their own systems to surface evidence of weaknesses. ChaosIQ Safeguards ensure that everyone runs their experiments when allowed, safely and with the maximum opportunity to learn from their findings.

  • Collaboration

    Work with your teammates and across your organization to share experiments and findings to help you learn and improve your systems faster. Use Team Workspaces and Shared Integrations to create collaboration spaces where you can see the results of everyone's experiments.

  • Run

    Through the Chaos Toolkit, ChaosIQ integrates easily with CI/CD tools so you can implement continuous verification of your systems.

  • Deployment Options

    Get started in a breeze with the hosted ChaosIQ Cloud SaaS, or run it on-premise with ChaosIQ Enterprise.

  • Support

    ChaosIQ work with you on your journey to adopting chaos and resilience engineering. Providing everything from guides and articles to full, custom support, we are there every step of the way to help you bootstrap successfully your own chaos engineering capability.